Scanning can provide significant benefits if done properly and for the right reasons.  It can: 

Scanning can also be used as a means of duplicating and dispersing your vital records.

Scanning is not a substitute for developing good records management and effective record keeping practices. In South Africa, scanned documents are subject to the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act. Act 25 of 2002.  According to this Act, electronic records are admisable as evidence but only if it’s authenticity can be proved.  This means that your documents must be scanned directly to an electronic records management system with sufficiant access controls and audit trails.  Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 contains advanced records management features that comply to these requierements.
We build sophisticated electronic records management systems based on Microsoft Sharepoint 2010.

  • Increase the security of information
  • Make it easier and quicker to access information
  • Reduce the amount of office space taken up storing records
  • Make it easier to transmit paper records by electronic means, whilst still allowing you to print a hard copy